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03-10-2017, 22:04
With such a vast selection of cars and tracks and being an indecisive sort, I took my minimal web development knowledge, scoured Google etc... And cobbled this inelegant but useful web tool together.


At the moment it picks you a random car, track, date and month and season (if you don't want the date and month). Want a new selection? Just reload the page.

As of right now it includes every car including the pre-order DLC (so if you don't have that you may need to reload). I did NOT include the kart tracks because... Well it's a bit silly trying to drive a Ford truck around a kart track:) And I fudged the date so it never generates beyond the 28th, so it never suggest you go driving on the 31st of February. :D

Hope some of you find it useful.

04-10-2017, 18:26
You will be driving a 2014 Marek RP339h at DirtFish Pro Rallycross Course

That's a bold suggestion... ;-)
I like "2016 Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 (R35) at Mercedes-Benz Driving Events Ice Track 2" as well, should be quite entartaining.

Really great idea, nice way to grow out of the tracks and cars you already know and like and find some new interesting car/track combinations!

But is it just me, or does the page suggest a date and season, but no month? For me it says "The time of day will be 4pm : The date is 21st : Alternately if you just want to set the season, it's spring."
Might have found another bug as well, once it suggested driving a "1988 Porsche 962C Langheck Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR"
Other than that, really nice tool, congrats!

04-10-2017, 21:38
Oh crap, I neglected to upload a particular file to feed the generator. Yes, I left the months out. LOL! Thanks! And that Porsche error has me missing a carriage return. All fixed now. Thanks for the report.

And yes, it can throw up some weird stuff. I too got the ice track, but in a 1950's Merc. I made it 3 corners before I gave up:)

If anyone has any other ideas to add please let me know. I debated adding something to set up races, but that'd just be identical or multiclass etc... And a set number of laps, but that's not really helpful as I could say "90 laps" and you only have 20 minutes so...

Glad some of you are using it. Makes me happy:)

14-10-2017, 23:35
+100 to you, sir. I love it even if the URL looks a bit scary. Keep on it and enjoy my small donation.

I've always wanted this feature in every racing game I've played. This is the next best thing to just smashing a "randomize" button.

A buddy and I did the Nurbrgring at night in a blizzard in karts which don't have headlights. I managed to pull a 21 minute lap and arrive in one piece. This is exactly what we need for our more fun races.

17-10-2017, 21:58
I've got a few thoughts on this that might be simple (but I don't want to assume):

* I think it'd be easier to read if the items were simply listed instead of written in one sentence. It may display a bit better on a mobile device as well.
* It's easy to just reload the page when this happens but maybe a check box for DLC types? Though this could quickly get out of hand as more tracks and cars are added. No, just forget about this one. :)
* I think that the months/seasons are off. Is the season listed supposed to correlate to the date or is that just shown at random? I've had January be three different seasons.
* Add weather! There are 17 (18 if you count random) weather types in the game. Toss me one of those as well.

This is great fun. Thanks.

18-10-2017, 22:04
Firstly THANK YOU for the donation!!!

The month and seasons aren't supposed to correlate. The season is there if you just want a general time of year. The specific date is... Well if you want a specific date.

I may reformat it when I get the time. On my phone and tablet it looks again, but on a smaller screen maybe not...

And I left out the weather because the game itself seems to have that covered. Though I'm not sure just how "random" the random is in that. Seems to be stormy a LOT...

I was considering adding a class picker as well. So it'll generate 1-3 classes. This could result in some insane races with like Formula A or whatever vs tiny little cars...

Thanks for your feedback!

24-11-2017, 05:46
Oh man, the site is down. If you need hosting (or don't mind someone else hosting it), send me the code. I'd hate for this to go down for good. It looks like their hosting is on sale right now, too.

25-11-2017, 15:21
It's up again. Thanks.