View Full Version : Let people visually see when they get license penalties

03-10-2017, 22:07
In Iracing you visually see when you get an incident, itís like a reminder that youíve done something wrong and youíre paying the price for it. I think it would help in some way clean up the racing.

03-10-2017, 22:29
Yeah I also wish there was a bit more clarity around this. I had been on C rating for 8 pretty clean races thinking I was getting near to B, then had one race where a guy spun right in front of me and left me nowhere to go and had to squeeze between him and a wall slightly hitting both, then the next race a douche wiped me out from behind on the grid when I had to slightly slow for a slow starter, and it drops me back to D. I thought I would have had enough of a buffer to stay on C especially considering the rest of those races were totally clean, but I guess not. 2 more clean races after that got me back up to C but it would be nice to know where you stand.

Krus Control
03-10-2017, 22:57
Yeah this seems like it would be a good addition.

04-10-2017, 00:30
Maybe a progress bar to show how you are progressing through the levels would be nice too. e.g. a progress bar that shows how far you are from the next level up or next level down.