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03-10-2017, 23:50
Australia and New Zealand Combined Racing League is excited to be kicking off the first race series in the new Project CARS 2.

Open for Australian and New Zealand residents. Join and sign up here https://www.facebook.com/groups/AUS.NZ.combined.racing.league/

We will start with the Porsche Supercup, racing the Porsche 911 GT3 R, following the track line up from the real European Porsche Supercup series, including race weekend dates, time and weather from each real race weekend.

The Porsche Supercup will consist of 2 races over the night, each 11-16 laps long depending on circuit.

The seven round series will kick off on Sunday, 15th October on both PC and Xbox. Steeljockey will be host on the PC, with Darkracing40 hosting on the Xbox.

Each race night will be in the following format:-

20 minutes practice
15 minute qualifying
Race 1
10 minute qualifying
Race 2

Points will be awarded to the top 15 drivers on each platform as follows.

1st 20
2nd 18
3rd 16
4th 14
5th 12
6th 10
7th 9
8th 8
9th 7
10th 6
11th 5
12th 4
13th 3
12th 2
15th 1

One "worst round" will be allowed to be dropped (both race 1 and 2 total points for the weekend) for the series in calculating final championship points.

Points from both PC and Xbox will be combined in one single championship. You may race on either platform, and change platforms if you wish. In the event we have identical points winners at the end of the championship, the deciding factor in championship ladder placement will be number of race wins.

Race dates (TBC) Start time 7:30pm AEDST

15th October

29th October

5th November
Red Bull Ring

19th November

26th November

3rd December

10th December

More details on each race round will be provide either [here] or in each individual round writeup.

We pride ourselves on racing clean and following proper racing etiquette in regards to giving space and overtaking cleanly. Blocking will not be tolerated. If you make a mistake, please try to redress on circuit. Do not complain about race incidents during the events. If you feel you were involved in an incident, report to an admin within 24hrs after the round privately, who will look at it for you and provide an outcome within 5 days. Video evidence may be necessary to support your claim. Admins decision will be final. Penalties may apply to affected drivers.

I will be trying to livestream the PC rounds on Youtube. As this may include voice chat on discord, I would ask PC users to please "try" to keep the language clean. Custom paints may be applied to your car (hopefully they translate to each user - testing required), so keep your paint clean.

29-12-2017, 17:20
Hey Steel Jockey,what are your plans after this as I always watch the livestream so I was wondering what's next as I don't have a Facebook account and can't view the AUS/NZL group