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04-10-2017, 02:08
I have so far been unable to play Project Cars satisfactorily because I am one of the unlucky owners of a G920 wheel. I complained here, as I often complained of PC1, which I bought both in the PC and Xbox versions and never used because I could never get good FFB from it – and also because it was just too convoluted and unstable to be enjoyable (as in that series by the guys from Top Gear, Project Cars 1 was "Ambitious But Rubbish").

With PC1, I eventually shelved it and forgot about the whole thing. But this time, in spite of the disappointment of having the game broken on the first day, I haven't yet attempted to get a refund and so far I am patiently (well, sort of) waiting for a fix, because this time I feel promise. Fair is fair: the guys at SMS seem to have listened to the complaints and done their homework dutifully.

Project Cars 2 is groundbreaking, beautiful to look at and cleverly designed – something that becomes particularly evident after the deeply unimpressive launch of Forza 7, which only brings more of the same stew to the table despite all the fanfare. The interface is slick and intuitive. Everything is where it should be. Even without proper FFB, I attempted some races and was quite impressed at the result. This time there is even a manual online! (Not great, granted, but at least you paid attention to that as well.)

So kudos to you, SMS! Project Cars is still a bit too ambitious, as the launch-day Xbox issues show. But it is a clear step forward, the racing game Forza could be when it grows up, if Turn 10 weren't moving in the opposite direction and turning their product into a sort of Forza Horizon with racetracks for teenagers. After the wheel issues are sorted, I feel I may get some serious fun from it.

07-10-2017, 20:15
I have a somewhat similar story. XBox had a free download of PCars 1 back in January or so and I tried it and loved it. I bought a Fanatec CSL Elite but PC1 would not detect it or work very well with it. With the CSL Elite purchase, I received a free copy of Assetto Corsa. After doing tons of work on the FFB settings in PC1, I lost them all one day due to a Saved Replay glitch and that was it for me: I began to play Assetto Corsa. I sorely missed night driving in PC1 and Laguna Seca, Bathhurst and some other tracks, but I began to love AC and so I shelved PC1. AC has a great GT3 collection and it had Porsche and Ferrari downloads and I felt the collection of cars was superior.

I knew that if Project Cars 2 was close to offering what it advertised, I would jump back. I am very pleasantly surprised and have found a new home. Unfortunately, PC2 does not detect my CSL Elite wheel and considers it a standard Xbox Wheel. This means I don't get full functionality of all my buttons so I can't fully map the functions (for instance, two buttons are for shift up and down and if I change these, I can't shift even though I'm using the paddle shifters.) Otherwise, the wheel seems to drive just fine.

All I drove in AC is GT3 but the first car I tried in PC2 was the '69 Camaro and I was immediately hooked! I love that sound, I love that body roll, and I love how squirrely it can get. I have to work on tuning and all that and I"m sure I can get it better, but so far, that car constitutes 80% of my driving. It is a HUUUUUGE shame they don't have a Trans Am Pony Car to go along with it. My biggest hope is that they flesh out the Trans AM series. Racing against that VGTA Ferrari and Datsun is kind of silly. And the Camaro v Mustang is one of the biggest rivalries in the automotive world!

Yes, there are bugs. I hope they fix that Xbox Screen Stutter. I didn't get it the first week of play but now get it a lot; and it can be quite hairy at times when you get that during a turn in the Camaro where you are already at the edge of tire performance. I also hope there is a fix for the CSL Elite. I also have only been able to log into one online game with about maybe ten attempts, but was promptly booted anyway. However, I am very happy. And all these new tracks!! (Compared to AC.)

I don't even give Forza 7 any consideration. I pay money for the game and I want to be able to play what I've bought. That is, the idea of having to drive cars and tracks I'm not interested in to earn money or points to buy the cars I want is a no-deal for me.

I'm having a blast! Okay, SMS, a Trans Am Pony Car, please! Maybe a Challenger and Barracuda, too! Now I'm wishing and drooling. :D

08-10-2017, 17:41
This game is really good. Thank You SMS. The rally cars are My favorite so far. Maybe down the road SMS can do a rally game. Project Rally sounds pretty good to Me lol.

08-10-2017, 17:50
This game is really good. Thank You SMS. The rally cars are My favorite so far. Maybe down the road SMS can do a rally game. Project Rally sounds pretty good to Me lol.

Yes that would be amazing;).

08-10-2017, 18:10
maybe even a V8 Supercars game Project V8 Supercars

Major Epidemic
08-10-2017, 18:25
Even though I loved PC2 already, I just tried the rally cross. I had stayed away from this thinking it was a gimmick add-on. Oh my, how wrong was I. Possibly the most fun I have had in ages. Reminds me of the first time I played Colin McRae on the PlayStation. Fantastic stuff.

08-10-2017, 18:31
Loving it so far, I’m around 20 hours in and on my 3rd career season.

Had no real game-stopping issues apart from the thing with the joker lap in rallycross. Other than that it’s great.