View Full Version : Rallycross Multiplayer, please allow Practice sessions!?

04-10-2017, 02:49
That's it, if any developers out there are listening, please add a practice mode to Rallycross multiplayer. Unless I missed something, you can only do Races in multiplayer Rallycross tracks currently, no practice sessions and no qualifying? However, just like in the other non-rallycross races, it is nice to have an option to run a practice session while waiting for people to join. It is a deterrent and boring waiting in lobby's until you have enough people to start... also just like in IRacing you don't always have to run Race sessions... allow us the option to just run practice sessions to run some laps next to some other humans rather than practicing solo or against AI.


Aldo Zampatti
04-10-2017, 02:57
I think is due to how the system works the "pit allocations" thus this design decision.

I will pass this to SMS as a suggestion, but don't keep your hopes up just in case :)