View Full Version : Replays and photo's glitching and not very good

04-10-2017, 08:20
Messing around last night decided quick 10 lap gt3 race with day and night offline me plus 9 other gt3 cars

After the race saved the replay and started watching it as i like taking photos during a race and replay is better as you can rewind etc for a perfect shot

Well a couple of things
1) you can move the height of the camera or pan round the car if you pause the replay and select photo mode
2) when I resume the replay the sound started but the the video was still paused I had to pause and unpause again this happened every time and after the 3rd pause it crashed to Xbox dash board but with pc2 menu music and some guy talking about artyon senna
3) tried again this morning and again the sound carries on after pausing replay this time the video started glitching

I don't know how to upload a capture to show it with out any hard ware or I could record on my mobile

The inability to manipulate the video for photos is very disappointing during a replay