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04-10-2017, 13:03
Just want to start by saying that project cars 2 is awesome, I am a casual ps4 gamer and have found that even using the controller I am enjoying the game massively. I am sure the game will get better once some of the known issues get sorted!

I am looking for help with something that I cannot find an answer for (apologies if this has been covered already) is tyre changes during a race. Specifically dry to wet. Recently I have been custom racing at algarve with the ford gt lm, the car is great! When I run a race with wet into dry I can pit when the rain stops and put slick tyres on. There is an issue with the pit animation not always happening/being accurate but I think that's been covered. When going from wet to dry setup (wet tyres to hard slicks) the game reacts as I would expect and my times on that track improve by around 10 seconds per lap. When going the other way though it is a very different story. I have tried to go from hard slicks to wet tyres with 2 cars the ford gt above and the BMW M6 race car. In both cases going from dry to wet in thunderstorm conditions results in a car that is completely uncontrollable (I cannot even accelerate in a straight line). I am sure it is not an issue with the controller or general set up as I am able to drive competitively with so at 50% skill and aggression in rain at the outset of the race.

I have custom set the pit stops and have chosen the set up required prior to the stop, I am wondering if anyone else has identified the problem? Has it been reported as a bug or issue elsewhere? Is there possibly something I am doing wrong?

Hopefully this is something that can be sorted as it is the type of thing that can affect the immersion in gameplay. It would also impact the career if the same conditions come up in an event.

Any help or info with this would be greatly appreciated!

05-10-2017, 13:27
I have exactly the same problem, when the race starts wet, you can chose specific tyres for wet or very wet, however if the race starts dry then starts raining, when you go into pits and you have your strategy for wet, the tyres they put you on are Winter tyres and if you choose extremely wet tyres they put Ice tyres. It is a big problem. I hope they fix this anytime soon as it isn’t imposible to use ramdom weather and create strategies properly. Thanks.