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04-10-2017, 15:54
Ok, so I never could get into PCars 1 much because I couldn't get the FFB feeling right... I took a chance with PCars 2 after watching some reviews on the physics and FFB and damn, I am impressed. Just wanted to say that this is the best feeling sim I've played; super happy with my purchase and will be recommending the game to my mates who like sims.

That said, I had a couple of questions that maybe someone can answer regarding the DLC's to come.

The first is, we need more dirt/offroad tracks. I just spent the last hour throwing the Lancer Evo IX around DirtFish and I have to say I haven't had that much fun on a car game in ages. After the letdown of DiRT 4 and it's over-grippy physics, it felt just SO good to slide a 4wd car sideways around hairpins again. It'd be such a shame to see the current dirt/offroad tracks as the only ones in PCars 2. Perhaps we could get some longer rally/dirt stages like Cali Highway or Azure Coast, but a mixed surface of dirt and tarmac? I'd buy that in a flash.

Also, what about drift DLC? Will there be any containing more drift ready cars (and tracks) anytime soon? I'd love to see the M3 E30 in a drift version that has a handbrake, among many other cars such as the Silvia S15, AE85, and Supra.

I know the game only just got released, but I'm really interested in any news for what SMS are planning for the future. Some might say that I'm focusing too much on offroad or drift racing but PCars2 seems to be trying to be the jack of all trades racing game, and I feel like the dirt/drift section of it needs some more love because the physics are there, the FFB is there, but I feel like there needs to be some more content there now.

Thanks :-)

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Thanks! :)