View Full Version : Project CARS 2 Dedicated Server not listed?

04-10-2017, 16:15
Was spending hours to try to get a dedicated server running.

Have been able to see one or two times my server in the list of servers - but after a restart of my computer the server did not show up in the list of servers again (using http://cars2-stats-steam.wmdportal.com/index.php/servers as a first indication whether the server is seen).

After a while I did get confused that the list of servers seems to be the same length all the time? A quick test seems to prove that the list contains all the time 100 entries. Could it be that the list is clipped after 100 entries?

04-10-2017, 21:04
Dont use that list. It only randomly shows 1-2 servers of my 5. Use the ingame list - That works rather well after the first patch.