View Full Version : Clip Cup Setup - Tune out the lift off overstreer

04-10-2017, 17:06
Hello Fellow gamers.

Can you help with a tune for the clio, in PC1 i would adjust the Limited slip diff (ACC + DEC) to 100% .So far far i have increased the toe on the rear, along with lowering rear tyre pressure.

HLR Toffo
04-10-2017, 18:36
Try making the front harder. Springs,arb etc.. But most of all never leave the throttle fully. 5-10% throttle can stop a spin before it happens.

Casey Ringley
04-10-2017, 18:46
Tighten the diff on coast (similar to what you did in PC1). Try something like this,

Power ramp=23
Coast ramp=45

That will add some more locking on deceleration and stabilize the car from the front. The real thing uses a fully open differential on coast (90 ramp). Great for making it nimble but, yeah, can be quite sensitive to oversteer if you aren't smooth with all the controls.

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