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05-10-2017, 13:37
It seems that every car I drive understeers through the corners and when i look back at the replay the tyres are smoking when the problem is at its worst, which is usually as I am trying to hunt down the AI.
I have messed around a little bit with setups both manually and via the race engineer but the issue doesn't seem to go away completely.

Anyone else had this problem or have any advice they can give?


05-10-2017, 13:52
I don't find they understeer more than I would expect but the tyre smoke seems to be an annoying bug.
Temps and wear don't mirror what's seen on the screen.
I've also noticed in replays sometimes the front tyre also smokes for the entire replay, these bugs which were know about for some time in beta.

05-10-2017, 14:18
You may find your giving too much gas too early, try get the car pointed at the exit before you start to crack on any meaningful power.

05-10-2017, 14:19
yes I have noticed in replays the front tyre smokes for the whole replay. This usually happens when I view a replay as the tyre is actually smoking on track.
Wasn't aware of the temps and tyre wear issue, I have always gone by the tyre wear indicator on the HUD.

Another little bug I have noticed is when you smash your windscreen after getting mixed up in a crazy AI startline crash (recently happened to me at Road America) and restart session, the windscreen still appears smashed!