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05-10-2017, 14:50
Here I want to expose some of the bugs or issues we had encountered in our league FA4RACERS the other day.

We play in Ps4, with wheel, with default aids, with default set ups (but disable that option in the lobby for the fact that if you enable that option you cant load the fuel that you want nor in Qualy, neither for the race), in Nurburgring, 41 laps, Qualifying with a lightly rain slot and on race with sun (that are the condition we draw lots with a dice because if you put a random slot in summer it can run snow, yes, in summer in Nurburgring the game says that can snow and with a Formula Renault 3.5 (FR3.5 in advance)!!!

Thank you for the random slots without sense SMS!!!!

Well, lets list them:

- The default set up options disable the possibility to load the fuel you want for qualifying and for race. In 6 laps races, is not a big problem, but if you do a 41 race in which latter or sooner you need to reload fuel, this option loose the fact of the strategy.

- Random slot with an open wheel car can put you some climates that would be impossible in a real race like snow or fog.

- Random slot with an open wheel car in summer could put you snow, so the random slot do not take into account the season and the probability of the the climates in each season. I wonder why we want live track 3.0 if it is not according with the season at all (well in that point I can say that the snow do not accumulate on the track forming puddles).

- The FR3.5 was quickly or so in light rain: https://youtu.be/-OG0HOQ-7b4?t=15m31s than in clear conditions (current date: autumn): https://youtu.be/-OG0HOQ-7b4?t=2h2m49s

Creating an inconsistent laps time because of the spin of all the drivers in clear conditions and a good grip in light rain conditions. We thought that we was playing in PC1...

https://youtu.be/-OG0HOQ-7b4?t=1h26m32s (spin at 70kmh with a FR3.5 and without going pass)

- FR3.5 had a good feeling in summer season forcing a date, in current date (autumn) with light rain, but had a bad feeling in current date with clear conditions (maybe the default setups dont work propperly in autumn???)

- With the press of X button in some screens, it jump to main menu without asking if you want to leave the lobby.

- You cant mute a driver with the wheel, you need the pad

- You cant mute all drivers, you need to do it one by one.

- Although you mute all drivers one by one, sometimes you can hear them.

- If you use headset, you must pick up all the sound there, because if not, you cant hear the engineer.

- If you use headset, the sound is correct but not high and you cant upper it.

Well, that list is what I consider important for me, some maybe are bugs, and other issues or unknowledge.

I will edit that post with more bugs in order to enhance a better game. Please SMS, do not take this as an attack I only want to help you doing my best.

If you have any question do not hesitate to tell me about it.

16-10-2017, 11:07
I too am struggling with the Formula Renault at Nurburg GP.

Career mode - Race 2 - Practice and Qualifying - 79deg F Ambient - Loose/Stable and my own setup tried

The AI on 90% is doing 1:48's (even going this pace on their outlap) and I am skating around as if on glass, barely able to get 1:53's and losing the back end at very low speeds.

In the previous race at Algarve with Stable setup I had a similar pace to them and it was an excellent close race. I was on pole by 0:00.05!