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05-10-2017, 16:32
Going into Pouhon at Spa. Race was tight, running GTE at 90% AI, was managing to turn some 2.19's but having a heck of battle with the AI.

Got a run out of the corner before Pouhon and head up the inside. Mr. Collins kept reminding me he's outside, he's still there, I dive it in deep and just make the slightest contact with the AI and it goes careening out of control, as I watch the car spin wildly off the track in my review I hear Ben Collins says, "you're clear" with that dead pan delivery. I about fell out of my chair laughing.

Beyond thoroughly enjoying this moment, probably way to much, it got me thinking about SMS needing to record additional dialogue for the game. I know in real life racing the pits sometimes give you other information about say your lap times, your tires, your competitors lap times, etc. I know some of that is there but I would like to hear a lot more. It would be cool say as you are in 3rd to hear the engineer comment on the battle ahead of you and that you might be able to capitalize for a pass. Maybe if a competitor is behind information that they just ran a faster lap then you and you better get moving, maybe if you keep locking up in the a particular corner maybe some suggestions about managing tire wear, or particularly if its practice or qualifying suggestions to bring it back into the pits to work on the brakes.

Maybe they could record some easter eggs for dialogue that would be contextually based. If you go flying off the track in a rainstorm Ben Collins could ask do you need a life preserver or if you really botch a braking point at the end of a long straight something to the effect of "try braking next time," or "how about you throw out an anchor." OK so I'm not a comedian but I think at the end of the day this is a game and they could certainly add some "personality" to the game. They could also make it optional dialogue so if you didn't want to hear that you could turn it off.

05-10-2017, 16:47
I had a pretty spectacular crash at a track which I don't remember offhand and a very solemn Collins came over the radio asking if I was okay. I agree it'd be cool to see more dialogue in game. Nothing gets me pumped up quite as much as hearing the minute-by-minute countdown over the radio, or when chasing down a guy going into the final sector and hearing "it's now or never mate, get it done".

That said though, if I have to hear that damn Senna quote one more time...

major sunscreen
05-10-2017, 17:00
Absolutely agree with the above. In single player especially you win a hard fought championship and... nothing. Talk about anticlimactic. Same with the emails. Again hard fought championship and if you've finished poorly in that race.. well again anticlimactic is being kind. As a result single player career is bland and unrewarding. Add in tyre issues etc and the problems with multiplayer and I'm running out of reasons to carry on with this, rapidly. I really don't want to but that's the reality, which is a real pity.

kevin kirk
05-10-2017, 17:10
or when he says 4 wide,,,,,good luck. Still miss crew chef though.

kevin kirk
05-10-2017, 17:12
Also I have never heard him tell me things like the leader is pitting and so on. just to be aware what other cars are doing

05-10-2017, 17:32
or when he says 4 wide,,,,,good luck. Still miss crew chef though.

Yes!! I was going into the first corner at Brno at the start. He says, two wide, three wide, then when he said You're 4 wide good luck I about died laughing as well. It was awesome!

05-10-2017, 17:36
Also I have never heard him tell me things like the leader is pitting and so on. just to be aware what other cars are doing

Or in a longer race and you're fighting to get back into contention something like your lap times are out pacing the leaders. Again your hear some of that about section times but I think only if you are the fastest. You only hear if you're pace is dropping or if you set the fastest lap. Or the leaders pace is slowing, now's your chance. I haven't run a really long race in years because of time, but I can imagine if I do carve out the time to run say a 2 or 3 hour race I would want various information to push me to stay focused and just in general be more fun.

Trippul G
05-10-2017, 18:26
Honestly once we finally can get Crew Chief back again on consoles, I'll probably turn off Stiggy. The dialog is definitely improved over PCARS1, no doubt, but it's no match for what Crew Chief offers, even more so when you consider that Crew Chief is interactive, which makes it SO much more immersive.