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05-10-2017, 21:12
Do you use some head movement tracking in Project Cars 2?

I have configured EDtracker and I must say it works incredibly fine. Really natural camera movement.

You can check how it looks like in this video.


If you are using EDtracker and your settings works better than mine it would be great sharing different configurations.


06-10-2017, 08:23
My settings in PC2 working with EDTracker:

EDTracker Pro UI:

Yaw Scaling: 18
Smoothing: 99
Response mode: Linear
Key to center view: Set a key in the wheel to center the view, before drive set your right view position in each car)


Camera settings:
Helmet Camera (Select this camera view, not Cockpit)

Field of view:
Helmet Camera FOV: 58 (This is the best for me in most of the cars)
Field of view sensitivity: I prefer NO
Helmet Leaning: NO (0 instead of 75)
Show helmet: NO (optional)
Helmet Depth of field: NO (Optional)

Controls Settings:

Edit assignments-Camera and View: Look up, down, left and right with Edtracker movement. It works directly.

06-10-2017, 09:18
Trackhat Clip with Trackhat Opentrack here. I am loving it!

06-10-2017, 17:20
Great! I love too how the tracking works in PC2.

07-10-2017, 01:22
thanks for that. I like to idea of magnetic sensor and the option for wired, already made version . in $aus cheaper than other companies IR ones.

07-10-2017, 08:21
You are welcome Peter. I have tried a lot of settings to achieve the most natural camera movement and this settings works really fine for me. I just wanted to share that and encourage people to try any tracking system because the feelings are awesome. EDtracker is the cheaper one I know. I bought it to use with Elite Dangerous more than a year ago and I had it forgotten in a box until PC2 and with it, the game is a new experience for me.

I know there is a new unwired version of EDTracker. I would like to try it. After PC2 I will save money and will bye it some day.

(Sorry if there is any mistake, I don't speak English perfectly)

07-10-2017, 12:40
Great to know, @gabitxu!
I still don't own PC2 but I have EdTracker 2, so I'm happy to know how cool is works with PC2 :D

Sooner or later I have to buy PC2...

07-10-2017, 15:55
PC2 is better than PC1 in everything so I recommend you to get it as soon as you can. Regards.

09-10-2017, 14:14
No one else using head tracking?

09-10-2017, 15:07

I'm using edtracker (the edtracker 2 9150).
Just start EdtrackerUI4, then opentrack ( must be version 2.3.9 or above ... lower version don't work with PC2!).
Start PC2 SteamVR and all works fine with the helmet camera.

Great immersion! Really better than PC1 with the same setup.

11-10-2017, 08:02
I have the first versión of EDTracker. When I use opentrack an run the game in SteamVR the head tracking doesn't work.

Would you share your opentrack settings? Thanks.

11-10-2017, 08:09
Using TrackIR4 here, working fine :)

15-10-2017, 14:18
I'm trying EDTracker 9150 mag, with UI 4.0.5 and it works but with a deadzone.
Sounds like using Opentrack is the only way to remove this?

Might there be a setting in the config files that sets the deadzone for all detected axis, not just the ones that have deadzone control ingame?

A bit annoying as I play Elite Dangerous with no deadzone & no additional software.

Edit: Installed Opentrack and think I have it set up right. Now with EDTracker UI running, I run and start Opentrack and all inputs register ok,
I then run PC2 in SteamVR mode but tracking doesn't work. I quit out of PC2 and find Opentrack is not registering any inputs (0,0,0 across the board), and EDTracker UI has frozen. If I click "reset view" in Edtracker UI it tells me that the Port is no longer open....
Some conflict maybe?

18-10-2017, 06:07
Im using EDTracker Pro wireless and im still in wip mode with settings, because there is few problems.
Major problem is not keeping ZERO with linear response mode, there is always little drift or when you on straight and drive near line you cant keep ideal front view its always going little left or little right and its very annoying when you try to keep ideal line but...

...with exponential response mode there is "natural" smooth deadzone or less response on zero so na im trying to compensate it with curves in opentrack to keep head movement smooth but with some kind of deadzone in the middle to keep view straight but response when im looking left or right.
Im keep pitch view almost on zero to not interfere with rest of movement (and tbh i dont need it in racing game only needed is to look in to apex)

so here are my setrtting in opentrack. maybe somebody can try it and make it better.


mister dog
25-02-2018, 13:34
Just bought the Edtracker pro wireless :).
Can't wait to set it up, gone are the days of no peripheral vision!

26-02-2018, 01:59
I started DIY and didnt finish it, though I purchased the software and camera . heck Ive even lost the link for the howto for it... no mind.
found it (wasnt easy)

mister dog
07-03-2018, 09:49
Took me a while to figure all the settings out as you have to get to know the functions of EDTracker and opentrack and how it relates to PC2, but I managed to dial my settings in now according to my liking and hot damn this is so much more immersive :excitement:. Being able to see around the corners before you hit the apex is a great help. You need some time to get used to it but I'm sure eventually my times will become quicker like this.