View Full Version : Online Session - AI take control of the car after pitstop

05-10-2017, 22:59
Well, itīs not the first time but today on online it happen again. In a multiplayer session the AI take control of the cars after PITSTOP. I try to change the swap pilot to off/on and on/off but i could not take the control of the car again. This session have 4 humans pilots ans 14 AI cars. This happen also few days ago on a multiplayer race only with humans pilots. Anyone with this issue?

05-10-2017, 23:23
Iv had this happen as well. I got a jump start penalty from letting the car roll forward before the lights. I got a drive through penalty. Coming out of the pits the AI took control of my car. There were no Ai cars in this lobby.

05-10-2017, 23:44
I was in that session as well