View Full Version : My tilt-motion-ds4 settings

06-10-2017, 08:48
Hello everyone, my 1st post here.
Thx for the game. needs a lot of fixes but best racing game experience on ps4 for me.

After struggling a lot with analog sticks (that iv always used for past 20 years racing games), decided to give tilmotion a try.
It felt so much better since the very first time i switched to right and left tilt.
These settings work great for me. Give em a try if you're going crazy with analog sticks.

SD 5
SS 45
TD 2
TS 15
BD 2
BS 30
CD -
CS -
SS 40
DS 0
CD 0
CV 100

Private Testing with a f488gt3 on SPA (non historic) - no engine failure, no dmg, no fuel and tire consumption
Switching hard and soft slicks - summer sunny weather, spring heavy clouds
Except for lowering aerodynamics, and minor changes to front bar and springs, i was using pretty much the default setup, tweaking engine power and cooling systems, since no engine failures.
It handles supreme, i feel i can 'attack' and i got constant finally.
Hope this helps, worked for me.