View Full Version : [PC - GT3 Racing] Any MP Quick Set up tips for jumping in Qualifying and Race?

06-10-2017, 11:25
I need your help.

With PCARS2 (PC Version) i started online racing again (did some on GT6 and earlier versions). I'm racing GT3 series races.

My problem: Despite using a Steering Wheel (Logitec Driving Force GT), despite knowing many of the tracks & braking points (eg. i don't even need the brake zone indicators) and despite some general tuning knowledge, I seriously get owned by the top 6 - 8 drivers in terms of lap times and race performance. Sometimes, my top laptime is up to 5 seconds slower than competition's laptimes :confused:

My guess is that i should do some simple changes to the standard setup and i would be competitive vs. 80 % of the online opponents.

So, whats your magic trick in terms of setting up quickly for qualifying and race? Often, you don't have more than 6-7 minutes of Q left until race begins, so there is no chance to do extensive tuning and testing.

I assume i've got way too much fuel on board for Q and R, but how in hell can all the other guys calculate the optimum amount in this short time slot? What about quick setup tips for tire selection, radiator, brake cooling, downforce?

06-10-2017, 11:28
What is your steam? Ok to add you? Lets do a race later and lets see how we drive and give pointers to eachother

06-10-2017, 12:03
I began with using a race engineer first in private testing. Changing the setup a bit what made me drive a bit more confident and faster.

After that, i started to do some time trails, added a ghost with a fast time, copied the setup and tried that for a few laps.
Once i found a nice setup, i saved it.

Then i went back in private testing again > fine-tuned that setup a bit so i would have a nice overall setup.
After having a nice overall setup i saved a slot for qualification with 10 to 15 liters of fuel, and saved a race slot with the amount of fuel necessary. (remember to load the race setup in the "ready" screen just before the race is starting, else it will load some kind of stock setup with loads of fuel, took me a while to notice :p)

Now i'm using that overall setup for every track, and try to tune it for each different track and save it for that track.

I really think those top drivers put in some time to have a decent setup for that particular track.
About the fuel, i think 10-15 liters is enough for qualification, 1 round for warming up your tires and 2 hotlaps.
Fuel for the race, write down what you start with in the race, write what you have left and do the calculation and adjust the fuel for the next race for that track.

06-10-2017, 20:16
If you just want some quick setup changes you can do when you jump into a multiplayer session.
1) Generally best to qualify on the softest tires available and also lower your fuel. (You will need to add fuel and possibly change tires for the race)
2) Downforce is a quick thing to change that can make a big difference if you know what to do with it. For example on Monza, it is a track where most of the time is spent in a straight line, and often I will make my downforce as little as possible.

06-10-2017, 20:24
I'm one of those guys usually running at the front. At this point, I have a baseline setup I adjust slightly for each track (downforce, ARB's, sometimes fast bump/bound damper settings if the track's kerbing is especially tough). Once you find a good baseline with Time Trials, I think you should focus on your driving - with a good baseline, you won't be any more than 1 second off the pace due to setup alone (and even that's generous).

07-10-2017, 04:37
Set the engine and brake cooling to zero during the qualification. Will be able to drive two or three laps without failures.

07-10-2017, 10:01
Sometimes, my top laptime is up to 5 seconds slower than competition's laptimes :confused:
My guess is that i should do some simple changes to the standard setup and i would be competitive vs. 80 % of the online opponents.

If your times are 5 seconds off the pace, then I suggest to completely forget about setups for now, get it out of your mind that the time difference is due to setup. You need to improve your lines, how much speed you carry through corners etc first.

My advice is to pick one of the cars that you feel comfortable with (IMO the Ferrari is a good choice, as it is easy to drive consistently) and go to time trial in any track you like that has plenty of times registered. Try to improve as much as you can and when you see you can't improve any more, pick a ghost that is 2 seconds faster than you and try to follow it, it will give you ideas where you can go faster than before. When you're in par, pick now a ghost that's 1 second faster an repeat. I'm sure after a few days this will help you with your lap times a lot.

Also if you want tell us which car/track combo you used in TT, so anybody that wants can follow your own ghost car and maybe give you suggestions where you can go faster.