View Full Version : Failed to join the game.

06-10-2017, 13:04
Was over at a mates tonight that has been having trouble with pc2 trying to sort out what is going on. He can start up the game and see online rooms in the lobby but as soon as he tries to enter any he gets a message that says failed to join the game.The session is full or no longer available. He gets this message when trying to enter every room or accept an invite from a friend to a room that is not full and is waiting for him to join. We have deleted the game and currently downloading the update to see if this fixes it.
Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix.

06-10-2017, 13:16
Before moving to my current IP, I had problems like this and it was down to my NAT settings being too strict.

Maybe worth investigating that?

06-10-2017, 13:38
Yesterday I experienced the same issue, so frustrating! In my case, the day prior I was able to join races without issues. Interested in this subject as well.

07-10-2017, 08:48
Well, after reloading the game and the update can now join online rooms.