View Full Version : [BUG REPORT] can not restart the car

06-10-2017, 13:16
during an online race a person drew me in (there was no damage) after that impossible to restart the acceleration car did not work anymore,
I had the same worries just before during a qualification or the car did not want to start.
in the final 100 loss of Rating.
I think for the sake of the game and all you should can be doing your job and getting out a game ends.
and remove the Rating the time your NUMEROUS bug is corrected

06-10-2017, 13:34
You couldn't start the car anymore? Did you have auto engine start enabled? If yes, did you put the car in neutral to let it start? If manual start, did you have a button mapped to the Start function and did you use it?

06-10-2017, 13:43
I have a problem with the Dallara, the Honda (oval ) and the Lambo Huracan.
I am with the g920 but I have no worries about other games so it comes from project cars

I am in manual start, it works very well normally.la done several times online that I have this problem I tried to put in automatic but i have problem too,

06-10-2017, 13:47
So only online you cannot start the car anymore, offline works fine? Are you sure the car/engine wasn't damaged?