View Full Version : start of race bug

06-10-2017, 14:04
has happened 2 me twice, both times i was in the vintage GTE class.

qual finishes, everyone readies up and we go to grid. When I get dropped on the grid my car kind of makes a weird slam and clunk and i get pointed in a weird direction (both times was facing at the 2 o'clock angle) and i get a mandatory drive through pit penalty.

Can't really think of what is causing this other than both times i saw a lot of people join the lobby late and tried to squeeze in a qual really late, i was placed 4th/17 and when we went to grid i was 6/17th. I didnt see anyone else finish a qual time so not sure where i got bumped from (no penalties). Quite odd, happened 2 races in a row then I haven't seen it again.


edit:wrong thread, could go into tech and bugs

06-10-2017, 16:53
Its "normal" in Project Cars. This Bug comes from PC1...Its a noun on old times ;-)