View Full Version : Why are Ai still piiting in short race even if Pitstops Disabled ?

06-10-2017, 16:20
So I disable pitstops but Ai still pitting in. This currently occurring in Ginetta Uniors 12 minute race.

Pointless having the option to switch them off really!

06-10-2017, 16:33
Not 100% sure but likely because of damage.

06-10-2017, 16:58
Yes likely due to damage. My co a.i. driver also kept on pitting repeatedly lap after lap 2 hours into an endurance race because I had pit strategy set to aero damage fix off but he wanted the damage fixed...

06-10-2017, 17:03
why complain free positions

06-10-2017, 17:09
Not 100% sure but likely because of damage.

Do the AI sustain damage even if I've got damage set to off?