View Full Version : Can we get a confirmation on exit, always?

07-10-2017, 16:27
Because the menus "wrap" (you can go from the first item to the last by continuing to press up; and vice versa), it's very easy to accidentally exit a session by "overshooting" the first item in the pause/pits menu. In practice sessions, for example, if you modify your options, and then quickly move up to the "START" menu item, it's easy to overshoot and exit the session. The same problem presents itself in multiplayer lobby menus.

Even more egregiously, the interstitial screen between the end of qualifying and the beginning of the race automatically selects the "Exit Session" button, which is sometimes the "Continue" button, depending upon whether you're the host. This causes players to form some pretty dangerous muscle memory.

Something such as "exit" has a pretty significant penalty (reload time, loss of connection, etc), and shouldn't be easily executed accidentally. A yes/no confirmation would seem appropriate.

EDIT: Just to acknowledge, there is sometimes a yes/no confirmation, but not always. I'm sure someone will come along to point out a scenario where there is a confirmation.