View Full Version : Bug Changing order of menus

07-10-2017, 17:02
Trying to set up voice attack and have 10 pit strategies. Works well with voice attack except that the game keeps changing the order of the menus from track to track. Also if you let the menu shut on its own the highlighted item does not start in the same place on the second menu. You have to shut the menus down in order for it to start in the same highlighted option each time. Not a problem using voice attack as it can be programmed to open and select the right strategy and then go back through the menus closing itself down in an orderly fashion. Would work well except that the order of the strategies keeps changing. A bit annoying. A work round is to have a separeat close command but if you forget to say it then the opening order is screwed up as the highlighted choices change. Has anyone else noticed this and found a workaround to keep the strategies in the same order.

If not, can the developers make the menues so that the highlighted choice is the top most choice in each menu no matter how it is closed or alternativly keep the pit strategies in the same order from track to track (based on the pit strategy edit screen)