View Full Version : Stuck in Pause Menu with Fanatec CSR Elite

07-10-2017, 17:04
Hi, I apologize in advance if this has been answered somewhere, but I could not find anything. I have not played Project Cars in about a year but remember that in order to get the CSR Elite wheel and pedals to work, I had to get into the game with the Dual shock, ensure that the clutch was assigned a face button in the config, and then at the menu to start the race, power off the dual shock, turn on the CSR elite, put it into PC mode and then start the game. This has always worked for me.

This is no longer working. I can access the menus with the CSR Elite wheel and I can choose the menu to start the race. After the loading screen, when it should come up to the race, it immediately goes into the Pause menu and I cannot Resume the game. I press X to resume and it quickly flickers as if it's going to resume but then immediately goes back to the Pause menu. I can access menus within the Pause menu such as to exit or restart, but I cannot resume to get the actual race to start.

Needless to say, it's beyond frustrating. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.