View Full Version : Multiplayer penalties

09-10-2017, 19:46
I am frustrated at the penalty system. Specifically when a player goes off track and I have to dodge them as to not hit them an I drop a tire in the grass then am told to go back to whatever place or incur a 30 second penalty. I have to go around the car or get penalized for hitting it.

Second issue just started happening today. Leading a race in multiplayer by 30 seconds and get a drive through penalty for no apperant reason. Causes me to lose the race, lose points and frustration goes up. Happened 2 times today in different lobbies. Did not cut the track, other players were nowhere around. Whats gping on SMS?

09-10-2017, 19:59
With a kind of penalty-system like this my community switched off any penalties...with all the consequences :grumpy: