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09-10-2017, 21:59
Hello everyone! My name is Michael and I'm an Audience Manager at DriveTribe!

We are looking to start weekly competitions based off of Project Cars 2, seeing as we have a full setup in the office. We will work our way up to bigger prizes, but for now we will be starting small, with our first competition starting 10/10/17 13:00 BST!

First competition: If you can beat the DriveTribe team's time in this specific Project Cars 2 scenario, you will win exclusive DriveTribe merchandise.

Scenario: Lotus Type 25, Knockhill International Circuit, Dry

What you have to do to enter

- Become friends with 'DriveTribe Official' (drivetribes) on PlayStation 4, where we will add you to the DriveTribes community.
- Set a time in the Lotus Type 25 on the Knockhill International Circuit in 'Time Trial' format
- By becoming friends, we will be able to monitor the times everyone is setting properly
- Screenshot your best time and submit it into the DriveTribe #gaming live chat on the app!
- at 13:00 BST 10/10/2017, I will be live in the #gaming live chat on DriveTribe to set my own lap, so tune into that if you like!

We will run this competition for one week before changing the car and track, so you will have a week to submit your best time!

Good luck, and the more our community grows, the better the prizes will get!

09-10-2017, 22:14
Sounds really good! I’m in!!! Thanks