View Full Version : Delete button maps on wheel?

10-10-2017, 16:24
Is there currently a way to delete an unwanted button map?

On my wheel I have left on the d-pad mapped to change view, however when Iím scrolling through the MFD, it will also change view when pressing left on the d-pad to go back.

Iíd like to be able to delete the change view map I have so I donít run into this problem.

(Mapping it to another button wouldnít work as Iím using all the buttons and Iíd run into the same problem elsewhere.)

Siberian Tiger
10-10-2017, 16:26
No, at the moment not... But it's on the "To Improve List"

10-10-2017, 18:57
How to Delete a Button Assignment...

So you want to delete Left from the Change View.

Lets use this example.
You have Circle Mapped to E-brake.

select Change View, and Assign it to Circle. ( you get popup, circle is e-brake ok? ) Ok..

Now e-brake has no Assignment..

Go Back to select e-brake and select circle. same popup, select OK.

And now you have deleted the button assignment from Change View.
and put back the E-brake as Circle.