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10-10-2017, 17:44
Hello! Have not found a thread like this.

Share with you some real races that have taken place. We have all heard of Le mans with LMP1 and GTE cars but what other combos are there that people used to race? Any multiclass races they did back in the day? Would be so fun to try something that they actually raced back then.;)

10-10-2017, 17:50
I did a quick 30-minute race when the game first came out. Simulated 24 hours at Daytona. LMP2, GTE, and GT3. Ran GTE and had some good fun.

10-10-2017, 17:52
Check these threads:



10-10-2017, 17:59
I am racing the Brands Hatch 1000km in the group C cars at the moment. My co-driver is doing his stint right now.

Here is another bug for SMS to investigate though.

An AI car crashed half way up hailwood hill about 30 laps in and is just stuck there along with the wheels that have come off it! It's only just off the racing line but that means avoiding it for another 4 hours as it won't be retired to the garage!!!

10-10-2017, 18:05
Intend to do a 24hrs of Nurburgring though would be nice to be able to custom pick the cars, nudge..nudge..wink..wink. This years was one of the best climaxes (last couple of hours) I have ever seen. I'm thinking a 50minutes race at x30 time progression. Also a 24hrs of Portimao (Algarve).

Would like to do a Blancpain GT season, as close as possible but need to get that custom championship (offline) in place. More nudges :p