View Full Version : [BUG] TMS road course game crash pre-race

11-10-2017, 05:16
It happened twice, but Iíll try third time... situation was: TMS road course, 25 AI, multiclass GT1 and GT3, clear to light rain to storm to hazy, two hour race. I was driving the CLK both times. The first crash was after 15 minutes of practice and 15 minutes of qualifying. Game crashed out to the desktop immediately after the spotter tells me I was terrible in qualifying but can make it up but before I see the interior of the car. Second time I skipped practice and did just the qualifying, same set up. Same crash. Third time I just did the race with both practice and qualifying disabled and no crash.

12-10-2017, 06:24
I tried to recreate this bug in GT3 and GT1 with the same exact settings and didn’t have any problems so... I’m assuming it was a transient problem on my end. I will say that the AI seems to behave much better on this track than before the patch. It’s still a challenge but I’m not seeing massive pileups into the road course turn off.