View Full Version : Nurburgring Endurance Race

11-10-2017, 09:52
I'm enjoying running the odd 1 hour race under Endurance rules. Spa especially as it's my favourite track to drive (IRL and on PC2). Thought I'd have a crack at the combined Nurburgring last night.

The formation lap... jeez, I know you can turn it off, but h o w l o n g does that take!?

Also, I didn't manage to qualify because the LMP1 cars kept ramming me from behind, even in the pit lane, or start the race because the AI caused a massive low-speed pileup in front of me that I couldn't avoid and destroyed my car just before the last straight. I could have cried having waited so long to get there.

I'm sure the AI is being looked at, but maybe the formation lap on these massively long tracks could be FFWd a bit too?