View Full Version : AI lap times on Pro difficulty?

11-10-2017, 18:42
Just wondering what people think of the AI lap times on Pro difficulty, because for example in the Lotus 98T round Brands Hatch I got pole position with a 1:08:3... with a bit of tweaking to the downforce levels and won the race. Same story in an Indycar around Sonoma pole time 1:14.9. Other race cars are much the same as these two for me. But when it comes to road cars for example the Mercedes AMG GTR I'm 5 or 6 seconds off the pace around Watkins Glen and also Brands Hatch probably the same at other tracks. Ive tried setting the car up, using different tyre compounds (especially tyres after been in the Forumla Rookie around Cadwell and finding that the wet tyres are faster than the slicks) but can't get near, it's as if the AI are running slicks or something, the AI pole time around Brands was a 1:24 which seems a bit too quick for a road car even on trofeo tyres but maybe I just suck at setting cars up any thoughts would be good :D

11-10-2017, 20:04
Just tried a Porsche GT3R and the same again 5 seconds off the pace, tried changing a couple of things but didn't get any better ,strange how the fastest cars in the game I am competitive but not so in the slower cars. Guess it must be some cars need more setting up than others. I have always struggled with setting cars up to be honest:mad:

12-10-2017, 15:35
The results you are getting with the street cars seems more correct for "pro" 120%. That level should have been labeled "alien" and pretty unbeatable :) ...
100% AI is more around real life lap times. So see if you get the same results / differences at that level.

13-10-2017, 15:43
Thanks mate will give it ago at 100 then:), I use Alien difficulty on Assetto Corsa and the hardest difficulty on other titles so just assumed I should be able to beat the AI on the Pro level. It does seem that the setup needs to be spot on to beat them at pro, hence why I can win in the cars I mentioned most likely. I'm not the best at setting cars up generally, last night I tried the Porsche GT3R again and managed to knock a couple of seconds off my lap time just by playing with the differential. Much to learn in Pcars as I'm new to the series