View Full Version : Patch 2 - Multiplayer Lobby and penalty system (not related to patch)

11-10-2017, 19:07

i still think the lobby sucks.

- I want to filter out games with password
- The sorting is still alphabetic and not numeric (lobbies with 19 players are still below lobbies with 3 players)
- I want to filter out games that are already in racing
- I want to filter out games that i cannot join anyways (due to the buggy penalty system -> i got minus and minus because people crash into me during start)

coming to the penalty system. I have no idea how it works, but i am U1081. I am not a very good driver, but i always try to drive as clean as possible. Mostly GT3, there is a major crash during the start of the race and because i am not very good, i usually start from the back or the middle of the field (which means in most cases, i collide with someone who just turned in front of me). There are already lots of games i cannot join anymore. It gets less and less. Thanks for ruining that for me. I had a lot of fun with PC1, but there are only a few servers i can join now with PC2.

Another thing.. i was just reading the release notes.. the racing line has been improved or fixed.. i dont see in what way. I was just racing Monza (like i often do). There is no racing line at all apart from the first fast corner.. and it indicates red all the way (while being a high speed corner where no braking is needed at all). I need the racing line !

Oh and when i start at Azure, there is always the reverse gear at start. This bug has been there already in PC1. I have more and more the feeling, that this game is a major copy and paste :(

edit: another bug that i had in mind.. often i can change the gear ratio only once and after that, i have to go out of the setup menu and when i go back in, its back to default and i cant change it at all. I think the setup menu from PC1 was much better. And why is there a Liter unit with the fuel but in the top right, it reads KG? I also have no idea how much rounds i can drive with my fuel (it was indicated in PC1). And it would be good to show the modifier for fuel consumption at that very same page. Sometimes you take 60KG or Liter with you and the fuel modifier is set to 0.

edit2: just clicked "Return to pit" and got disqualified.. speeding in pitlane.. what??

rich1e I
11-10-2017, 19:53
Don't give up. Concentrate on having a few clean races. Start always from the back of the field so don't set a qualifying time. Let the pack drive away, stay away from trouble and have a clean race without crashing, spinning and violating track limits. Repeat for a few races and soon you'll get your F license.
It was very practical in PC1 but now you have to check yourself how much fuel you need for the race, but afaik it's still bugged. When it's fixed, put 10 liters in, do 1 lap and see how much fuel you needed for that lap. Good luck!

11-10-2017, 20:59
thank you for the heads up. I will try it out