View Full Version : New csl elite wheel works ok, V3 Pedals and fanatec shift not at all though!!

11-10-2017, 19:46
Ive seen reports of some peoples v3 pedals working fine but mine absolutely refuse to work at all.
Are people using chronus max to get them to work or something?
A hub as well?

nevermind, figured it out.
If my fanatec shifter is plugged in the pedals wont work.
if my pedals are plugged in, then my shifter doesnt work
Game is making pick one or the other, seperate they work fine. sucks!!

Edit 2:

This may help EVERYONE with v3 or the shifter.
After further testing its the G.Damn fanatec cables.
If you push a litter harder on the plug for pedals going into the wheel, pedals work fricking fine.
Same for their shifter.

Cables that come with these 2 parts is absolute crap!

12-10-2017, 09:54
I have had no issues with either the V3 pedals or the fanatec shifter, only issue I have is the handbrake feels digital not analogue