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11-10-2017, 20:08
Hi guys,

If you are competing in the Community Events section, does it tell you were you rank out of the total number of drivers?

For instance...

I'm 500th

But out of how many?

Surely it should say on the info page the current total number of people that have submitted a lap?

11-10-2017, 21:42
You weren't able to tell pre-patch, and I'm assuming that's still not fixed considering you just reported this and are probably on the latest patch.

Several people have asked for this. Hopefully it comes one day.

11-10-2017, 21:43
I'll just update weekly with which position I'm in. It's safe to assume that I'm a distant last so we can work from there!

11-10-2017, 21:58

11-10-2017, 22:36
Sorry to hijack your thread but I was looking at the up coming community events and on about the 20th there are some with a skill rating requirement of 2000 on one and 4000 on another, surely there can't be that many with a rating as high this quick can there?
So there maybe only 2 participants in these ones

12-10-2017, 07:38
Cheers for the replies, let's hope it's included in an up and coming patch. I was hoping to be an undiscovered Lewis Hamilton, but coming 500th is a concern haha I'm hoping I'm not 500th out of 525, what a kick in the teeth that would be.