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11-10-2017, 21:55
Before 2.0 patch when entering in photo mode and back during replay fps was unlocked, that was GOOD future, now replays are locked on 30fps even on PSPro, and look terrible when You play in fluid 60fps and suddenly downgrade to horrible 30fps in replay mode, my eyes are bleeding!!! are there any chances to give PS4 users option to choose 30fps replays and with unlocked fps? I know that it's very hard to get stable 60fps in replay even on PS4Pro but unlocked unstable fps is still much better than locked 30 fps! SMS please respond. After 2.0 patch replays are nightmare for me on this 30 fps :/ it's the most disappointing future in whole game, i know replays are not in first place for developer but it's still very imoprtant for some users like me for example.

Just give us choice in options menu: replays in 30fps or unlocked fps and all done, everybody is happy!

12-10-2017, 22:55
This is a shame. I was doing that trick before watching every replay and it was so much smoother on ps4 pro

13-10-2017, 05:30
Exactly! i was doing the same and enjoying every replay (also on my PS4Pro), now it's like torture switching between smooth 60fps from gameplay to blured and jerking 30 fps replay :/ Worst thing is i read in some post of one of one of SMS member that 30 fps in replays for PS4 is good because it's filled with details and it's "good cinema experience"... seriously? then why PC has unlocked fps? It's just PR bullsh... Giving option for console users to choose between how they want to watch replays is ideal solution, properly before that demn patch unconsciously they put this option through entering in photo mode and it was OK so i really don't see problem to implement this type option in next patch. It's shame that there is so little interest of my post, but maybe still there is a chance to influence the creators (SMS) to give us this option??? HELP? Anoyne?

20-10-2017, 13:44

1) I installed twice (from scratch) the patch 2.0 on my PS4 PRO and after I saved about 12-13 replays (each one about 4-5 minutes of duration) I got the error message saying that 1GB of space is reached and I need to delete some replays to save the new ones. In PC1 I was able to save 80-90 replays before getting the same error message.

2) Replay menu is absolutely unusable. It makes no sense to open a menu, move to the desired view, press X button, close the menu with triangle button and finally continue to watch the replay with the desired view. I mean the replay handling in PC1 is far better and usable. Menu must be used to control features such as "save replay" and "photo mode". Camera view change, driver change, rewind, forward etc... must be instead controlled with pad buttons only. It seams to me that you currently provided a menu on PS4 just because the game was ported AS IS from the PC version (so it should not be a problem to change the handling with future patches).

3) I understand that PS4/PS4 PRO hardware cannot allow stable 60fps from TV view replay, but at least all the other views (we have in game such as cookpit view, top view etc...) must be at 60fps (such as it is in game) and not 30fps. A 30fps simply ruins the beauty a replay is thought for. I don't understand why views that are at 60fps in game are not at 60fps in the replay when replays are not adding additional details justifying the need to reduce the fps target.

4) In case you are not considering at all the possibility to provide options to allow user to enable 60 fps (instead of 30fps), at least consider the possibility to apply motion blur.
In my opinion a 60fps target (even with TV view) with frame drops is better than a solid 30fps. I would consider the possibility to apply V-synch on replays to eliminate tearing but maintaining a 60fps target. I had a look to the replay abandoning a race (so I view the race of other opponents) and it is at 60fps from all views. From TV view I see just few frame drops and tearing in some parts of the circuits but overal it is far better than watching a 30fps replay. A V-synch applied to a 60fps target replay will produce a better replay in my opinion.

I hope SMS will fix the bugs but also will consider to enhance the actual replay handling. At the moment I'm (and probably one of many more) considering PC1 more satisfying than PC2 and that should be considered by the developers as a mistake they did on PC2.

20-10-2017, 16:44
A shame it is...
Replays and in game must be always 60fps otherwise it's unplayable and awful to watch.
I don't understand why all racing games haves this issues this year.
The same in DiRT 4 and WRC 7, unplayable in 30fps.
No one cares about extra details, we want fluid 60 fps gameplay and replays.
For the developers, take a look at DiRT Rally, everything is locked 60fps with absolute still stunning pictures and graphics and still one of the best sim to date.
It's all about the gameplay instead of graphics!!!