View Full Version : ** List Of Cars That Needs More Love From The Devs! **

11-10-2017, 22:40
I can't find if there already is a thread like this when I search.
But there are a lot of cars in this game, and after finding two really bad ones the other day, I thought it could be usefull to have a thread like this where we can enlight SMS on cars that need attention or fixes.

There have also been a patch with various fixes for several cars, don't know if those are among the updated ones though..

First of the KTM X-Bow.
Raced this for the first time on Cadwell park, and what I have seen this car seems to easilly step out in the back. But I attacked any corner as agressively I could, but could not upset the car, or get the back to step out. Impossible to get into slides / drifts..
Here is a vid:


The other car is the Lotus 78, which I took around classic Spa.
Awfully booring car to drive!! :O
I could have the throttle to the floor on highest gear almost the entire track, apart from the hairpin!.. . And it's almost no sense of spead in that car, fellt like I was going 120 kmh or something.. :sour: