View Full Version : Is there a cap (20) on the amount of Online Races in the Lobby?

Fastback Fever
12-10-2017, 04:07
It seems to always be 20 Races, no more and no less. Has anyone seen anything different?

mass control
12-10-2017, 05:07
20 shows at a time max on console but if refresh then may be a little different on the 20 showing than before and so on refreshing list.
If after a list on class of car then use the filter to only show that car class in lobbies.

13-10-2017, 12:32
Ha! Well in that case, there should be a "remove". Filter so that we could see 20 lobbies with no GT3 overkill.

13-10-2017, 12:46
Additional filters would help sort it out.

I don't know why it lists lots of races that are half way through the race and leaves fresh lobbies off the list.

It would be great if you could filter by track or set some filters for race conditions.

13-10-2017, 14:14
Wish that sms would put out like 5 official lobbies that would rotate automatically...be nice to have something to go right to

13-10-2017, 15:43
would be nice if there was an option to show only ranked races