View Full Version : AI is terrible at driving Group 5 cars

12-10-2017, 09:29
or atleast get off the start without crashing. It seems that in some groups of cars the AI works better, like GT3. They can get off the startline clean without to much bumping, not saying there isnt any because it sure is. They could benefit from using a spotter as it seems they cant really tell what is around them... but its better...ish in GT3 than:

Group 5 cars... AI dont seem to know anything at all of what and who is around, front, rear, left or right... they just go full throttle and push through to where it want to be regardless of a me or another AI.
I really struggle to get a good start with these cars and AI dont so I get rearended most of the time tumbling with several other cars getting collected. Now, I dont want to say that AI dislike me in particular as it seems they hate everyone, even other AI drivers and joyfully run them over or into a wall when possible. I tried doing a race with 31 AI's and a good third of the grid, if not more, where involved in a major incident before half the start straight has been reached. And this is with 0 aggression, I have been turning it down more and more to see if it helps, for some cars it seem to help like Porsche GT4... Group 5, not really.

I know youre working on it, just wanted to let you know :)

Pc ver PC2, i5 6600k 4,1Ghz, 16Gb DDR4, GTX1060 6Gb, Logitech G920, raining outside, cat 2y bla bla bla