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12-10-2017, 17:20
I realize there is probably a long list of stuff people want to see but, at the risk of adding to it, here are a couple things regarding the ICM and pit strategy that might be useful:

1) The ability to move the ICM menu when editing HUD setup. It would be nice to be able to put the menu wherever works for the player. In my setup, the ICM menu pops up on my far left monitor and that makes it amazingly difficult to use. I've tried to change my monitor setup but it isn't practical for me at the moment. I can't be the only one who would like to move this menu.

2) Sort the pit strategies by alphabetical. I'm not sure how they are sorted now when one is scrolling through the ICM...

3) The ability to map buttons to pit strategies, fuel mix, and strategy changes like you can for other ICM settings. I don't think this would be a challenge for some of the settings, but the pit strategy might be a bit more difficult. I suppose I imagine being able to pick a given number of strategies into numbered slots. As an example: 1. GT3 Slick/Fuel, 2. GT3 WET/FUEL, 3. GT3 FUEL - or whatever one might create and map those slots to buttons.

Not really related: I agree with others who have suggested that one should be able to set an initial condition on the track (wet, rubbered in, clean, whatever)... I think that would really allow people who normally do relatively short races to see livetrack in action. Perhaps it could be added into the weather screen or the track selection screen?

On a final note, for as much anger as you guys get here, I think this is a great step forward. I have 500 hours on PC1 and - by a long shot - feel like I got my money's worth out of that. I'm not the fastest or the best, but it was a super fun time. This feels like a leap upward in realism and difficulty. One can't do all the little cheats that my friends would do before like running tires all the way down before pitting (literally all the way), divebombing into the pit entry, overinflating tires, etc... the new version seems to reward consistent, clean driving at least in offline races. That's the way it should be because that's the way races are.

For the people who are out of proportion angry about where the game stands right now... no game is perfect. You spent $60 - that's a dinner and a movie. If you get more than four hours worth of entertainment out of the game, you've gotten your moneys worth. Yeah, some things are frustrating but if it makes you so angry, why not just return the game or let it sit for a few months while the big issues get sorted so you don't feel like you are "working" for SMS. I don't get it.

12-10-2017, 17:57
I like these suggestions. Very well thought out.

I'll add two more which would go well with those above:

1. Added functionality to the ICM to allow to change and adjust the Tire Pressures for the upcoming Pit Stop on the fly.

2. Ability to map Traction Contol and ABS to increase or decrease them on the fly. You can currently turn them ON or OFF, but there needs to be the option to adjust them somewhere other than the ICM. I have plenty of extra buttons on the Button Box or keyboard which would be great for these functions.

12-10-2017, 19:38
Check this out. It really works!


12-10-2017, 20:13
Cannot like the bottom paragraph of OPs post enough. I've got 56 hours in so far. If I had paid the full $60 (I didn't as I go the PC1 owners pre-order discount), that amounts to just over a dollar an hour of entertainment value and I'm not even getting started with it yet. I'd far and away say I've gotten my money's worth so far.

12-10-2017, 22:08
I have one more suggestion, to make it possible to close the ICM (also) by pressing again the button/key that is used to open it.