View Full Version : Extremely annoyed voice chat is NOT in the PC version but is on console

12-10-2017, 21:36
Slightly mad studios... WTH MAN??? This is bullcrap. Why would you develop an entire voip system for consoles yet just never implement it on PC? Discord you say? Ventrillo you say? I say bullcrap! Just because I can talk with friends doesn't let me talk with everyone else.. the text chat is pretty much useless unless you are in a lobby unless you want to just give up playing the game and lose the race. This is just unacceptable. If it was just decided that voip was a feature they had to cut because of cost or time issues.. ok.. fine.. but NO, it's actually in the console versions and has been developed. WHY IN THE HELL NOT PUT IT IN THE PC VERSION? You guys know iRacing does that right?

Communication is important! If anyone gets sick of hearing anyone on the mic (maybe somebody is trolling), just mute them to turn off VOIP then! Easy. It would help more then it would not IMO!

The more I play Project Cars 2, the more I see awesome potential that was just RUINED by bad decisions and bugs. It's not too late devs, this can be fixed pretty easy. Give us a damn patch for this stuff! I want my VOIP and all these damn bugs fixed!!!!!! Please! Don't make me regret buying this damn game!

12-10-2017, 21:44


Why on Earth do you want strangers in your ear? Wanna talk with friends? Get teamspeak and chill out man.

12-10-2017, 21:50
Read what I said. The other people on my lobby are NOT in my Teamspeak. I want to be able to talk to them. Chatting is not an option when racing. Console versions have it.. why don't we? it's just laziness on the developers part. If they implemented it on console, I'm sure there's a way to mute people or at least turn it off if you don't want to hear the other people. (there should be an option for that I would hope!) I just want to communicate man.. there's so many times I see people who are driving clueless and if I could just say "hey you know you should be doing this or that" (example, they need to do the joker lap in Rallycross, but they don't know and skip it... and ironically if you decided to turn off penalties they just get away with that). I just want communication man. Why is that so hard? (with everyone I'm racing with, provided they haven't muted us)

Aldo Zampatti
12-10-2017, 21:57
Closed. Pointless thread to be enacted the way it is...

Calm down and ask properly, you might even get answers.