View Full Version : Livetrack 3.0

13-10-2017, 14:51
Sorry if this has been covered, but had a search and couldn't find any answers.

Livetrack 3.0 is great, however, I notice that when you slide, go off track, do a doughnut etc, there are no tyre marks left at all? Surely this would be a massive part of having a track that changes over the course of the sessions? I was hoping to see where people have spun, seeing mud flicked onto the track, seeing the corners get darker with use where the main driving line would be etc. Maybe a big ask, and I am certainly no dev so really don't know how difficult this would be to add, and even if the console can cope with it.

On a plus side, I loved your game pre patch, and now with patch 2.0 it's even better! It's really turning into a fantastic sim, and I am really enjoying it! Thanks :)

Roger Prynne
13-10-2017, 15:16
It's just not added yet but should be at some point.