View Full Version : Time Trial Leaderboards

13-10-2017, 18:25
I still am yet to really touch the TT mode in this game although TT has always been my favorite mode in any racing game. It is always awesome competing against your friends' ghosts to set the fastest time on every track. Unfortunately this game does not offer any sort of quality TT experience as no matter what you will always lose significantly to the GT1s. I hoped that this was a bug and surely would be fixed in the first update, but as this has not happened I am beginning to lose hope that this game will ever have a playable TT mode. If someone could explain to me the point of having a TT mode where only 1 or 2 cars are capable of achieving competitive times that would be swell.

P.S. in F1 2017 every player with a saved time has a ghost so even people who aren't the absolute best drivers can find people they are competitive with.

13-10-2017, 18:30
As a whole however I do really love this game. Great work SMS. This has really been the only major issue for me. Other things have bothered but they are all things you all are likely to fix over time.