View Full Version : Problem with indycar

14-10-2017, 17:02
There seems to be a problem with indycar since the patch on xbox. The default stable and loose setups don't load propperly, and they never feel the same.

I am currently running Texas speedway and the car turns left pretty significantly without input on the controller. I looked at the jack settings and they weren't really making a difference. So i went from the stable oval to the loose oval setup. I noticed the jack level was from -3 to -1 and in quali it performed amazing. The turning was reduced significantly and there was no smoke coming from my tyres through the bends (unlike before and at other circuits like road america).

I load into the race and without changing set ups, the car handles like it did at the start. I look and its gone back to stable setup for ovals. So i switch but no effect happens on my car! I still get significant left turning and smoke coming from my tyres.

So i quit into time trial and run loose and it is back to normal?!

I know the game is sensitive track and environment etc but it shouldn't be upsetting the jack surely?

14-10-2017, 19:44
The significant turning left your experiencing is due to the setup of the oval variant i believe since irl NASCAR and IndyCars are intentionally setup like this. This is because it aids the driver in the corners so they dont have to hold the wheel at 90 degrees for the majority of the lap. After several hundred laps you can imagine that your arms would become uncomfortable. Therefore SMS have managed to recreate this fairly well in my opinion.