View Full Version : Use "Opponent Names" option in more creative ways.

14-10-2017, 18:10
Hey SMS guys. I love PCars2 after the 2.0 patch on PS4 and on PC. It's cool that switching on the "Opponent Names" in online race shows your PSN friend name and avatar. I would love the option to take this to another level. For example:
When someone choose to pit in, let everyone close to him/her on the track know that. Maybe some "Pitting In" sign above his car. Flashing or just added above the name/avatar tag. Same thing for cars with damage or slow down/give position penalty. I thin it will look cool and make races more safe and clean.

14-10-2017, 18:37
The problem is it’s not particularly realistic... in some series (NASCAR for sure) you’ll have people wait until the last moment or fake that they are going to pit and then not. Same thing with damage... you don’t know really if another guy is having mechanical issues except what you can see (and maybe smell).

14-10-2017, 18:52
I like the idea too, but i guess it is a question of realism Vs usability...
Personally i am split between the two. Simulators clearly have advantages compared to real life racing, that they should use, and also seem to use. For example, a simulator can always make sure you get a penalty for exceeding track limits. In real life, i could imagine that some times this can go unseen, specially if it is a minor incident.

Most of us can agree that some platforms lack of well defined track limits, lack of racing etiquette, have poorly defined and upheld rules. This is generally a disadvantage. On the other hand, it also makes online races a lot more interesting to watch than even real life racing some times! Sim racing could expand and take advantage of things like that.
That said, it might be a slide, that takes sim racing to a whole different place than what it is trying to simulate. It's a very interesting discussion though, that could see the birth of a digital/virtual series with its own rules and features like the one you mention, and taking advantage of the available strengths that the digital platform offers. Will be a difficult task to get right from the start though..

I did a little write about this (https://www.rookieraceline.com/sim-racing-should-grow-up/) almost a year ago, when i was pretty new to this that you can read whenever you feel bored :)