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14-10-2017, 19:46
Hey, I have been using a Fanatec CSR with the CSR elite pedals for PC1. For PC2 I am currently using T300rs with stock pedals. The T300 is a superb wheel for sure, but I cant stand the stock T300 pedals after using fanatec pedals with load cell for a couple years. I have searched around for solutions to mix Thrustmaster and fanatec on PS4 and have come across the Basherboard CPX.

Would this adapter solve my problem? Does it work well with PC2 on PS4? Is there any other alternatives out there?

14-10-2017, 21:08
I’m using Fanatec CSL Load Cell pedals connected to my T300 with the CPX adapter. Works perfectly :) Much better pedals than the Thrustmaster ones. Another bonus is the ‘gain’ dial on the adapter that lets you adjust brake pressure on the fly.

14-10-2017, 21:45
Thanks! Norsk? :) If so, kjpte du rett fra denne hjemmesiden http://www.basherboards.com ? Og hvilken pris havnet du p med frakt toll osv?

14-10-2017, 21:47
I'm using the CPX Adapter with CSPv3 pedals and a T300 wheel base. It works really well, and I love having a gain adjustment available right at my finger tips. Highly recommended.

Titzon Toast
15-10-2017, 12:07
Yep, I'm using one too. It runs like a watch.