View Full Version : "Slow down" bug (?)

14-10-2017, 19:52
Hi guys,

I'm on PS4 and on patch 2.0 and am still having the same issue: during the race in career mode (haven't tried anything else yet) I get few "slow down" warnings from a race director in each race. Last time it happened on a 4th of 5 laps, when I was leading the pack with approx 5 secs in front of anyone else, was sticking to a race line and got this message. I play with all assists off, authentic tyre, fuel wear and penalties and damage on, t300 wheel if that matters. Does anyone else experience the same problem? It's pretty annoying... btw i had in in Clio series and now the same thing in gt4 class races.

Siberian Tiger
14-10-2017, 20:35
Slow Down only appears if you cut the Track. The Message is delayed to your actual cut. (The System is measuring if you gained any Advantage. If yes, it will display the Slow Down Message.
If you will ignore it you will receive a x Sec Penalty to your Total Race Time.

14-10-2017, 23:54
I’m pretty sure I didn’t cut the truck at these occasions. I might have gone off the track with 2 wheels (going wide) maybe but that’s it. Oh well, will pay closer attention now and report back.