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14-10-2017, 22:55
I've been test driving project cars over the last few weeks, mainly in preparation for our yearly scumball rally. On a yearly basis myself and a few me friends from around the country buy a banger, drive it to Germany and drive the nords.

So far I have driven more than 10 times, and I would say that the cars I mainly drive are road vehicles.

Some of the cars driven are as follows.

Clio 182 Cup
Astra SXI
Ka Sport

So, I purchased PCars and very expensive setup consisting of a wheel, pedals and base that cost around 1800 in total.

Now my question about throttle is 2 fold, and I would love to know why and how it functions the way it "appears" to based on my experience.

Currently it seems that the throttle, seems to function in the following manner. It seems that the more you open or close the throttle, the faster or slower you accelerate. which is not strictly how a throttle functions, it can be balanced.

My experience with PCars seems to demonstrate that it's virtually impossible to drive a car such as the McLaren P1 (one of the cars I tested) at a constant speed of 60mph around the Nords, even on straights? Even though I can do this in any vehicle.

The cars in Pcars appear to accelerate to their top speed faster or slower based on the amount of throttle open/closed. Therefore you are either always increasing speed, slowly (or quickly) or decreasing speed slowly (or quickly) but you are never really able to balance the throttle. Try sitting at 60mph by leaving your foot perfect in place, you will see that it either just creeps up slowly, or decreases slowly, so you have to constantly bounce from 56/64 up and down slowly but you never really balance it. Ina. Real car, I never think about my right foot, it's just balance perfectly otherwise I would get flashed by cameras all day.

Have I tested either road vehicles. Yes.
Can I get any of them to sit perfectly at 60mph (like I do in a real vehicle) no?

Is it my hardware possibly?
They are Fanatec V3 Inverted pedals.

Can I balance the Throttle on other games? Well interestingly yes?
I can even balance it very easily on more "arcade" games like Forza/Dirt but I can also do this Assetto Corsa.

But I can't for the life of me sit at 60mph steadily on the Nords etc for the entire straight, yet I drive 2000 miles round trip at 60the entire time in real life and while I'm there?

So my question is, why can you not balance a cars throttle /speed at a constant on Pacrs2?

My second part of this question is...
After testing the P1 I noticed that on many corners at the Nords I was having no choice but to drop to around 30mph on corners I was taking at closer to 50mph in a ford Ka Sport? Again as I don't own a P1 and just took this out as a test as it's in the game, I was surprised to see that the banger I took to the Nords 2 years ago, actually out performed a McLaren P1 in the corners but obviously not on the striahgts.

So my second follow up question is, does the game handle low speed grip correctly? Why does a P1 need to take a corner at 30mph that a road going Ford Ka scumball rally banger can take at 50?

Again, I guess it's just a game, and this is just an observation, I understand it's not real life, and it's not meant to be real life, it's just a game for us to enjoy.

However, I would appreciate if someone could help me understand these situations, as they are intriguing and interesting that they are so vastly different form my real world experiences, and so vastly different from other games (that are considered arcade) that are actually more akin to my real life experiences?

I hope this post is received in the manner it's intended, as I thought twice about posting here as this place has a very bad reputation online/other forums etc.

This is not a dig, comparison, fault, bug etc, I'm just genuinely curious if someone could help me understand these particular situations.