View Full Version : Do AI cars crash out or have mechanical failures?

14-10-2017, 23:24
I'm just curious if I were to run a long enough race, do the AI cars periodically drop out due to failures or crashes?

15-10-2017, 00:11
Ive seen them crash , but not often , never seen a retirment due to mechanical failure. It doesnt happen enough for me. In F1 2017 even if you are with the back runners you always know there is a chance that the leaders will make a mistake or retire , I dont get that feeling with this game.

Roger Prynne
15-10-2017, 00:17
Yes they do.

15-10-2017, 01:29
Yes they do.
Yes they do as in yes they suffer mechanical failures as well? If so, that's awesome.

I've assumed it's the same as pCars1 where they dont' so I haven't run with mechanical failures on to test myself.