View Full Version : Just so SMS knows, I would be willing to take a 100gb patch to make this game perfect

15-10-2017, 02:03
I love this game so much that I would be willing to take 100gbs worth of patches to make this the perfect game. Not everyone feels the same as me, but the driving in this game is so enjoyable. I really want this game to be the best it can be. Example:Graphics, AI, Driving, etc... SMS has something special here so please don't let it go to waste!

Eric Rowland
15-10-2017, 04:29

15-10-2017, 08:31
I see this in nearly every thread where people "Love the game" then "But", and I agree with them totally. I also agree "Patience". Then I ask myself, "Why are bug's from Pcars1 in Pcars2? Then I wonder how much patience people should have? I too love the game (but) I dont play it because it needs so much polish on basic stuff.
'If' I purchase project Cars 3? Depends entirely on how well Pcars 2 ends up ultimately, Pcars 1 started like Pcars 2 strong patches by the team that seemed to tail off in place of DLC (Pc2 I bought Deluxe with season pass and 4 x DLC btw as I wish to support WMD).

I also am wearing my racing suit to avoid looking like Niki Lauda by the die hard fan's that cant accept any critique of the game on here.

15-10-2017, 09:28

Your Meme reminded me of this.