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15-10-2017, 08:20
I play the game on both PS4 Pro and XBox One with their respective controllers and while I absolutely enjoy the 100% freedom in controller button mapping (it's an obvious one coming over from PCARS1 but I can't express my gratitude enough for this!), there are a couple of things that could be further improved.

PS4 controller :

1) The PS4 controller has a pretty good motion sensor in it, in the GT:Sport demo I tried motion control for steering after seeing a lot of enthusiasm for it (https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/you-have-to-try-motion-control-steering.361602/) and after giving this a try I have to admit it works absolutely brilliant! Steering becomes much smoother and better to control bringing the controller as an input device to a new level!

2) Also from the GT:Sport demo: in the controller mapping setup screen you could assign 3 different buttons under the touchpad to game functions (touchpad left - touchpad center - touchpad right), since you can never have too many buttons mapped on a controller, would it be possible to bring this type of support to PCARS 2 as well?

3) The pit engineer voice currently comes through the PS4 DualShock speaker and while I personally enjoy that a lot (it's really immersive IMO) I have seen several requests here on the forum to move it to the normal audio output. So an ON/OFF switch to use the DS internal speaker for the pit engineer & spotter voices would be great!

XBox One controller :

1) The controller supports rumble in the throttle and braking triggers and you don't realize how good this feature is until you miss it. Other games like F1 2017 and FM7 support it, would be great to have this implemented in PCARS 2 as well.

15-10-2017, 15:43
Good suggestions there. Isn't the first point already possible though? It was in the previous game at least. I use a wheel myself nowadays, but perhaps another controller user can clarify if that option still exists or was scrapped for Pcars 2.

16-10-2017, 12:13
Indeed. I saw someone on GTPlanet post about using the motion sensor in PCARS 2. Will give it a try tonight, somehow I completely missed that option in the settings.

16-10-2017, 13:38
Here it is, obvious to miss. :)

I initially also missed it first because it's not shown as a separate choice in the controller menu. You simply have to tilt the controller when assigning left and right steering.

Source: https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/you-have-to-try-motion-control-steering.361602/page-3#post-11994694

Will give this a try tonight :)

16-10-2017, 22:44
Here it is, obvious to miss. :)

Source: https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/you-have-to-try-motion-control-steering.361602/page-3#post-11994694

Will give this a try tonight :)

Well I tried it for a bit and wow, this is quite remarkable and for sure has some great potential. There are pro's and con's though but so far I think I like it (especially when taking into account I still need got to get more used to it). I had to change the controller settings DRASTICALLY though since the default values and anything remotely near that is all based on analogue stick steering.

The biggest pro is that steering is much more refined, it's far easier to direct your car through and especially out of a turn compared to analogue stick steering. The biggest con though is that my brain now gets confused from the wheel-like thinking, I now suddenly miss a self-aligning force coming out of a corner which of course isn't there when steering with the controller. But that's something that is only a matter of getting used to. I'm also missing that force feedback from my racing wheel in the other room. :)
But coming out of corners feels a lot more controllable than with the analogue sticks for sure. Another con is something as simple as heavy braking in a straight line which suddenly becomes more challenging - without any steering deadzone a car can become unstable during braking, but if you use too much steering deadzone then it feels really awkward for normal steering.

These are the settings I came up with after about an hour of trying the Lamborghini Huracan road car on the Red Bull Ring GP track but for sure they need to be more refined.

steering deadzone - 1 (I played a lot with this already, 0 is annoying, 20 was way too high, something between 1-3 is probably best)
steering sensitivity - 50 (didn't play with this yet after setting it to 50)

speed sensitivity - 10 (theoretically this should be 0 but then it can be a bit twitchy on straights at high speeds, don't go too high or you will have to turn in unnaturally much for high speed corners)
damper saturation - 25 (not exactly sure what this does or how it affects our motion steering, I tried 50 and 25 but didn't feel too much difference)
controller damping - 5 (this one is crucial to balance a bit twitchy vs unresponsive but at the very low values now)

The other settings are still on default and not really relevant specifically for motion steering.

Is anyone else trying this? If so let me know your settings. :)

edit - aah one more thing, I also feel this only works for cockpit camera (or helmet camera without turning in the head). other distractions like high speed camera shake etc are better turned off as well. You want your camera to be as steady as possible and no looking into corners since it will distract and confuse your brain.

edit 2 - I was even testing that Huracan in practice mode but don't do that as you start on cold tyres and need to start from the pit box. Best to do it via time trials so you start with warm tires and on the track. :)

edit 3 - for cars with an obstructed view (like LMP cars) driving from the roof camera seems to work quite ok as well, tried the Ligier LMP3 around Alvarge that way. Also tested the Ferrari & McLaren GT3 as well as the Panoz around AIA and worked decent. The Ferrari 288 GTO was a bit harder though, car felt unstable but might have been the car setup as well. I think it's best to first further fine-tune this with a medium-high speed road car like that Huracan and then once that is done see how it goes with the other cars.

edit 4 - I'm absolutely positive once these settings are dialed in properly it's superior to the analogue stick. That motion sensor is so good this is basically the same as a wheel but without force feedback.

And since it's so cheap and I saw some positive comments about it, I pre-ordered one of these as well :



24-11-2017, 19:06
edit 4 - I'm absolutely positive once these settings are dialed in properly it's superior to the analogue stick. That motion sensor is so good this is basically the same as a wheel but without force feedback.

The idea of motion sensor is great but in pCars 2:
1. It has serious input lag (compared to GT SPort, DriveClub)
2. It hasn't default steering setting configuration

02-01-2018, 20:00
have you heard if the delay issue is going to be addressed in upcoming patches anytime soon?